Unconditional Love

I tried to imagine how big was His love for me but I came to unlimited point at the end…

People said I was very stupid with what I  have done in live but they didn’t know what were experiences (hikmah) I actually got after that…

Neither angry or hate or even revenge but made decision to be calm and remain silent are better option after being hurted…

Not because I lost my hope but because it was too deep in hurt than only He the one who can heal it…

Its kinda priceless and unforgettable moment which hard turned my goal in life…

I don’t wanna compare His love with anything or anyone in this world because He without hesitation is the one who has greatest love…

It doesnt have any limits neither measures…

And…. the way I treat people actually is one of my way to express My love toward to Allah


Choose Your Spouse Wisely

When I was teenager, I always dreamed to have a sexy tan guy with perfect smile to be my husband. Although I didn’t wish to have a marriage in young age but imagining to have that kind of guy would give me happy marriage, Deen and manners were on my last lists.

Time goes by, I got many experiences in my life, about relationship, life’s goal, loyalty, etc. Appearance realized me that it’s nothing without Akhlaq /manners.  As I realize that the aim for marriage is to worship Allah so it’s more than about  eye’s pleasure then.

There is no difference between man and woman in finding partner in Islam, Deen is over than anything but for me to find good husband isn’t only seek his Deen but also his manners, many muslim guys know about Deen but too bad it’s rare to find those who applies  it in real world. No wonder domestic violences, affair or dissatisfied between spouse  happen in muslim marriages because islam is just like status in their ID Card.

One thing which I  look for my marriage is a good husband with good manner. It’s simple but isn’t easy. I am not looking for the perfect one, but it seems likes very complicated for some of my friends. They think to get right spouse, all I need is the one who is settled in finance, has good job, sweet mother in law and also has some properties so when marriage happen we don’t think hard about our live and standing by our own foot. Everybody has their own wishes about their future marriage but since I understand that spouse isn’t only my partner in this world, choosing  the one with  Imaan dan manners as my priorities.

My spouse will be my field to get jannah, I believe that me is my husband’s deen, I can’t let my imaan destroy by choosing wrong partner just because his appearance or his degree, it’s a risky bargaining. Had many couples from relatives and friends failed in marriage because their intention were wrong, some getting married for wealth, positions, relatives, or maybe they feel ashamed living alone without husband because they are getting old.

Reasons can’t make a reason to get married with anyone. Be careful, marriage isn’t for years but its lasting to Jannah. Choose wisely your spouse, choose a good man/ woman with akhlak and love Islam by act then insyaAllah you will be most happiest one in the world but first off, fix yourself first, firm in your Deen, and pray to Allah. So, May Allah gives you Best partner for you, Aamiin.





Improving My Own Skills

Beside being a seller my main job actually is an employee in one of big company in my country.  It’s near being 7 years I work here as an officer which focus on developing local communities. I’ts nice job, at least for me.

I still remember when I  got my first time interview, the manager asked if i knew anything about this company then i said NO. He laughed and said why did i apply then if i knew nothing, and the answer is…………. because i just need a job after my graduation. I knew this answer is so big no so I didn’t much have big expectation to be joined. Few weeks later, I was officially joined this company in his team. Alhamdulillah.

Time goes by so fast to me, I didn’t realize that it has been 7 years old now working as staff officer, Alhamdulillah that Allah gives me good rizk by working here, beside weakness, I got some good moments and unforgettable experiences since I joined in this company, but these weeks, I found that I’m at the point where I need new atmosphere, new challenges, new friends and new experiences.

Same like people that no one is perfect, so are companies. Though it is the third biggest company in my country but I feel that in my department, it’s not like it is said. People do care a lot about relationship status, ages, bullying  and some of unimportant things which it’s not  standard of qualities in a company. These are just simple things between the worse bigger thing happen here.

Since I was here I got only 7 trainings to improve my skills, for 7 years, my position is stable, as staff officer and I never get improvement at  office.  I didn’t asked about this to my manager because it’s not to be questioned. Here is so unique.  who joined the first will get upgraded first no matter how great you are at work, its nothing. It’s not about your work either your performance. if you are new comer so must wait until some colleagues who joined before you being upgraded then your next is your turn.

I made my tears and was silent for some minutes staring at my computer because I didn’t know what I should write in my CV. I gave myself a chance to try something new by looking some prefer job but I got stuck in my CV, I didn’t know my skills,  what my specific job is since I worked here.

I then began to realize that if my company doesn’t facilitated me to improve my skill then its myself need to do it, I can’t rely on my company just to be upgraded. I remember that Qur’an says :

“For each one are successive [angels] before and behind him who protect him by the decree of Allah.

Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. And

when Allah intends for a people ill, there is no repelling it. And there is not for them besides Him any

patron.” (Ar – Rad 13:11).

So… I started improving myself with some knowledge which I interested was graphic design. I found that it so interesting me much and decided to take some online course for it. Beside graphic design also I’m a makeup artist which I get my skill by practicing it from youtube (thanks for this!) not type of a professional yet but I feel the improvement.

Well, point is I just wanna say don’t stop to improve ourselves, in Deen, attitude, skills, everything. Muslim must be dynamic don’t stuck at the same place for years because Effort never betrayed result.